The Builder, 2016
This animation is a hand-drawn frame-by-frame, created in Photoshop and rendered through After Effects. There are 1150 individual drawings.
The Fly (Intro), 2017
A re-imagined title and credits sequence for the 1986 sci-fi “The Fly”, created in Photoshop and After Effects.
Dark House (Tester), 2017
A short clip of a truck idling by a smoking house. Created as an animation experiment on camera movement in a 2D scene.
Painted Animation: Dog Walking, 2018
A trial of a dog walking using a painted frame-by-frame animation technique. Each frame was hand-rendered in Corel and Photoshop.
The Snowman Compilation, 2017
This snowman was created as a game character. The animations were made in the process of sprite sheet generation.
One Way, 2015
One Way was created in Photoshop and After Effects. It was my first animation involving characters, cameras and 2D figures in 3D space.
Balloon Animation: “Let Go”, 2017
This was created as a campaign video for a fictional event. The event was a portfolio review aimed at artists and designers. The slogan “Let Go” refers to the choice one makes in the pursuit of success: let go of your fear or let go of your dreams.
Vulnerability and Exposure, 2015
This was a promotional animation for a book launch: Rob Cover’s Vulnerability and Exposure: Footballer Scandals, Masculine Identity and Ethics (UWAP 2015).
Wild Things 2 (a serenade), 2014
This was my first animation. It was created as a promotional book trailer for the launch of Vagabondage, a verse memoir by Beth Spencer (UWAP 2014).